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Amazon Hand Free Cooler Best Rechargeable Personal Air Cooling Conditioner USB Portable Air Fan

Material:ABS+Leather+Resin Fiber+PP
Product Size:170*140*143mm
Wieght: 670g
Light mode: Technology blue light
Input Current:1A
Input voltage: 5V
Working Time:12 hours
Use power:4.5w
Switch mode: Infinitely variable speed
Color: White
Water Capacity: 200mL
  • FC01

Product Description

USB Charging Portable Fast Cooling Mini Air Conditioner Cooler


【Multi Function & Portable】

Allkei portable air conditioner fan is a powerful 3 in 1 air cooler.

The small and compact design allow you to put it on desk for home, kitchen, office, bedroom or put in tent or on the grass for ourdoors activities. 

You could always keep your skin moisture and enjoy cool, fresh and humid air anywhere you are.

【Water Tank & Fast Cooling】

Personal air cooler with an independent water tank.

And you can add ice cubes into water tank directly for fast cooling, it can help to lower about 10-13°C temperature within 20 seconds.

【Energy Saving】

New upgraded mini evaporative cooler has been designed not to use refrigerants to cool the air, but to use physical cooling technology to achieve high efficiency with low power consumption.

It's pretty energy-saving in daily life, which is completely suitable for our low-carbon lifestyle.

【Ultra-Quiet Operation】 

Air cooling fan can work powerfully at a low noise level. 

Under the quite work mode, the quality of air cooling is still unaffected. 

This ultra-quiet air cooler make you enjoy a comfortable sleep all night with suitable temperature and low-level noise.


Material quality: ABS+leather+resin fiber+PP

Product size: 610x72x41mm

Style/Color: White

Use time: 12 hours timer

Input voltage: 5V

Input current;: 1A

Use power: 4.5w

Switch mode: Infinitely variable speed

Light mode: technology blue light

Cooling mode: ice cubes, water mist, blowing